Upperclassmen Housing

Riverbend Hall sits Saturday, Feb. 18 at Nicholson Gateway Apartments on 2650 Nicholson Dr.

It’s that time of year again: housing season.

From the moment the housing portal opened on Feb. 1 for students to begin the application process for on campus housing, both upperclassmen and current freshmen interested in the West Campus, East Campus and Nicholson Gateway Apartments have flocked to the portal in driving up record demand for what may be not enough supply.

Peter Trentacoste, executive director of Residential Life, says there might not be enough room for everyone.

“Interest from returning students to live on campus at LSU is at an all-time high which means it's very likely we will not have enough space to accommodate everyone that wants to live in a campus apartment next year,” he said. 

Many residents choose on-campus housing for the convenience and security.

“If something happens, it’s LSUPD not BRPD, or if something happens in the building, it’s LSU Facility Services, not some random landlord…they have peace of mind knowing it’s LSU’s system,” said Nick LaPresta, a freshman and a Residence Hall Association senator. 

But the cost of on-campus housing drives some students away. It “just depends how the money works out on your lease,” said Christian Garrett, a social work freshman, when asked how he’s viewing housing next year. 

LaPresta said he’s spoken to many people who prefer off-campus housing because of the price.

Though the process of getting an on-campus apartment can be daunting, it’s not as confusing as it seems. Here’s the timeline:

Feb. 1: The housing portal opens.

This is when you want to log into the housing portal and complete all the steps including creating a roommate group in the “On-Campus Housing Application” tab and eventually signing the on-campus housing agreement at the end. Once you finish that, you’re all set until Feb. 20 when selection time slots are assigned. The portal remains open until March 6, but you’ll want to complete this step before Feb. 19 to secure a selection time slot as soon as possible.

Feb. 1-19: Current apartment residents secure their same space

During this time current apartment residents will be securing their same apartment or moving around within the different apartment communities. The only thing you can do during this time if you’re a freshman or an upperclassman new to campus housing is complete the housing agreement if you haven’t already.

Feb. 20: Selection time slots announced

If you completed the on-campus housing agreement, you’ll receive an email from LSU designating a timeslot in which you will select your apartment. 

Feb. 20-22: Portal closed for maintenance 

Feb. 23 until full: Apartment selection

Once it's your allotted time, return to the housing portal, and select your apartment as soon as possible, as the spots will fill up quickly. If you manage to secure one, you have 48 hours to pay a $250 deposit, or the spot will become available again.

Feb. 27: Waitlist opens

If you didn’t secure an apartment and are still interested in an on-campus apartment, put your name down on the waitlist quickly. There is still a decent chance you secure an apartment spot, as according to Aubree Adams, the occupancy management associate director, the school was able to transfer “hundreds of tigers on campus and into a preferred location” in the past.

After that, the timeline is all on the individual, so always check your email to not miss your chance to get your new on-campus home.

It may be the toughest year yet to live on-campus next year, but it is by no means impossible.

“My advice to students is to be flexible and patient and our team will do their very best to get as many upper-class students on campus as possible,” Trentacoste said.

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