Bailey Chauvin

Next semester the Reveille's editor-in chief position will transition from Caleb Greene to Bailey Chauvin. Greene knows that Chauvin is up for the task; however, he said he is going to miss his production nights at the Reveille.

“I’ve been missing production nights since we went completely digital because of the coronavirus,” Greene said. “I really miss going in there and producing a paper from scratch; essentially all you have is the template.”

Chauvin is a political science sophomore. Before becoming editor-in-chief, she served as a news reporter and as news editor. 

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“My favorite part is working with other people,” Chauvin said. “Especially as a news editor, I’ve really enjoyed working with reporters.”

Greene knows that Chauvin will do well as editor-in-chief because of how well she has done in her previous positions. 

“She has proven herself very effective as news editor,” Greene said. “As recently as a year ago, that section had been underperforming, not just in terms of overall content but also quantity of content.”

Chauvin's vision for the Reveille is to promote more collaboration between the sections.

“Working together throughout the process of creating that content will help us just create a more complete package,” Chauvin said. “More collaboration between sections, collaboration between photographers and reporters for individual stories, things like that is what I think will really take the Reveille to the next level.”

While Chauvin was the news editor, she was able to see a whole other side of how the paper works. She was inspired by her time as news editor to become the editor-in-chief and build off the great foundation already set at the Reveille.

“Seeing the whole picture was really eye opening for me,” Chauvin said. “Coming back for the second semester was like, 'Well, this works really well. How can we make this process even more efficient? How can we do that even better?'”

With the coronavirus derailing the semester, Chauvin has been impressed with the effort of the reporters of the Reveille to keep creating content. The Reveille is still producing content to keep people updated on the virus and other content to help distract people from all that’s happening.

“I’ve been really proud of the way everyone has come together and really continued our mission of serving students first,” Chauvin said. “I think you really see that in our content.”

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