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The bell tower clock stands tall Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020 from the top of the Barnes & Noble at LSU parking garage on E Campus Drive.

The Presidential Search Committee discussed the final steps of the presidential search and to determine a schedule for moving forward at an April 10 meeting at Lod Cook Conference Center.

Although it is subject to change based on Parker Executive Search’s response, the committee unanimously agreed to the following schedule:

  • April 19: Interest period of the search will be concluded
  • April 21: Presidential Search Committee will meet to vet candidates and determine who they would like to consider
  • April 26: Presidential Search Committee will conduct interviews with persons of interest
  • April 30: Presidential Search Committee will decide which applicants it will submit to the Board of Supervisors as a final pool of candidates

“I am confident these dates are dates [Parker Executive Search] would be comfortable with,” Committee Chair James Williams said.

Vice President of Strategic Communications Jim Sabourin told the Reveille that the initial slate of applicants received by the Presidential Search Committee will most likely not be made public, and the interview process will be private as well. However, the final pool of candidates determined by the committee will be made public and sent to the Board for additional interviews, which will also be public.  

The University hired Parker Executive Search on Nov. 13, 2020 to conduct the background search for potential presidential candidates across the nation. Since then, the search firm has created a rubric for who would be a proper presidential candidate, finalized the position description and formed a website where members of the LSU community can suggest candidates for consideration.

At a Jan. 14 Presidential Search Committee meeting, President of Parker Executive Search Laurie Wilder said the firm was in the “aggressive outreach and recruiting of candidates stage.” At that time, 34 individuals had been nominated for consideration.

Although the committee chairs have been in close contact with Parker Executive throughout the search, it does not yet have details on the number of applicants on the list or who they may be.

“Other than to know that there are persons who have expressed interest, Parker has not submitted to us any quantity,” Williams said.

“In the very limited discussions I’ve had with them, I do know they are actively recruiting and that folks are expressing interest.”

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