Vaccination Site

Banners reading “COVID-19 Vaccine Site” move in the wind on Monday, Sept. 27, 2021, outside of the LSU Union Theater.

LSU has received over $100 million in total COVID relief funds from the government. So far, the university has spent nearly $56 million of those funds on efforts to protect and assist students and staff during the pandemic.

LSU Chief Financial Officer Donna Torres said that LSU received $55,211,180 in grants from the federal and state government to cover COVID-related costs incurred by the university, and another $44 million to assist students with costs related to the pandemic.

From the date received to Oct. 8, $32,278,667 of the $55 million has been used to cover qualified expenses, Torres said. Qualifying expenses include personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, HEPA filters and other protective measures for classrooms, COVID testing costs for students and the cost of transitioning to online teaching such as software, laptops and webcams. The funds were also used to cover lost revenue related to the pandemic, including reimbursements for housing and payouts related to conferences, performances and study abroad programs.

LSU Athletics has used $4,041,962 of the $32,278,667 for COVID testing, medical services and PPE thus far.

In addition to the grants provided for university-related expenses, LSU received $44,848,416 to help students with pandemic-related costs, and these grants were provided to students “based on income and an application process.”

Part of the grant award was used to cover unpaid balances on student accounts for the 2020 spring semester through summer 2021.

Up to Oct. 8, 2021, $23,523,210 has been awarded out of the $44 million, and the remaining funds will be awarded in the 2021 fall semester and the 2022 spring semester.

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