LSU Moodle received a new update on July 5. 

Moodle, the main source for University students to view their grades and assignments, recently received an update. The new update was available for students beginning July 5; however, students also have the option of viewing the old version of the program until the switch becomes permanent next semester. 

The transition period for Moodle 3.7 began June 22, but students who were enrolled in summer courses were still able to access their course content. Faculty members were instructed not to make any changes to master courses during this window, according to LSU Online & Continuing Education. Now that the update is complete, master courses should only be updated in the new version. 

Students can choose whether or not they would like to test the new theme by selecting the option for the 3.7 version at the bottom of the home screen. Currently, the main Moodle page still redirects students to the familiar 3.1 version. 

The update took place because the theme LSU was using, called “Essential,” is no longer available. A newer theme, named “Snap,” is being used instead, according to the LSU Moodle website. 

Students don’t have to worry too much — the new theme is almost identical to the old one. The main change is a new user menu in my courses. It allows students to easily access grades, preferences, their profile and the home menu. 

Dietetics junior Macy Kidder supported the change and said it was simple to use. 

“The easy access to the grade book is very convenient,” Kidder said. “I also believe it will be easier for administration, which will result in faster input of grades and better communication between students and staff.”

Students and faculty can receive updates on Moodle upgrades by bookmarking the LSU Online & Continuing education Moodle page. Questions and concerns should be directed to the Faculty Technology Center. Faculty members are encouraged to fill out a Moodle upgrade support survey to indicate what technology support they desire before the update is permanently implemented. 

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