LSU vs. Mississippi State

Tiger Stadium sits vacant Saturday, Sep. 26, 2020 before LSU's 44-34 loss against Mississippi State in Tiger Stadium.

Interim LSU President Tom Galligan announced Monday in an email that the University will work with law firm Husch Blackwell in order to conduct an independent, comprehensive review of its Title IX policies and procedures in response to a news article released this morning by USA Today.

Though the email does not clearly indicate what article Galligan is referring to, it comes just over 12 hours after USA Today alleged that LSU administration and athletics have a pattern of mishandling, denying and/or ignoring sexual assault complaints against students and top athletes.

The article discusses nine LSU football players and their alleged sexual misconduct and dating violence in the last four years, including running back Derrius Guice and wide receiver Drake Davis, with little to no punishment being brought onto them by University officials.

It also discusses instances in which fraternity members were determined to have committed sexual assault and were allowed to remain on campus under probation.

Student Government President Stone Cox tweeted a statement just minutes after the email was sent, saying he was "truly disgusted with LSU’s actions dealing with sexual assault."

"I want to assure you that LSU takes every report of sexual assault or violence seriously," Galligan wrote. "We investigate them thoroughly, support victims sensitively and hold offenders accountable. However, we are not perfect, and we can, and will, do better. A single instance of abuse or sexual violence is one too many."

Galligan stated that the review will be completed in the spring and that the University empathizes with victims of abuse or violence.

"You have my word that we will respond promptly to any report of misconduct and investigate it in a manner that is fair and equitable to everyone involved," Galligan wrote.

Galligan also encouraged any victims of abuse who have not reported the incident or do not feel their case was not handled properly to contact the Title IX office at (225)578-3918, regardless of how long ago the incident took place.

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