Cox Barrios - Reach Ticket

Stone Cox and Hannah Barrios are running on the "Reach" ticket, which prioritizes sustainability, accessibility, inclusivity and health and safety.

The results are finally in.

After months of preparation, an intensive week of active campaigning March 2-9, and a gripping debate on March 3, Stone Cox and Hannah Barrios on the "Reach" ticket have been named the 2020-2021 student body president and vice president.

In response to the win, the pair says that they are honored and excited to have been elected.

“It is such a blessing to have this opportunity to serve,” Barrios said. “We want to say a big thank you to everyone who voted and we cannot wait to get started, The work has just begun and we will continue to reach every student on this campus,”

Though the Envision ticket did not win, Sophia Pollman states that this campaign has shaped her life forever. She wants students to know that you don’t have to be in Student Government or any organization for your voice to matter.

“I encourage everyone to continue to break the status quo even when a lot of people underestimate you,” Pollman said. “Doing things out of the norm only builds you up to be the person you want to be in the future. It’s time for a female president; I’m excited for what’s next.”

Desh Gaskins and Hayden Robert are also grateful for the experience. The pair says that they were humbled by the opportunity to be able to just sit on the stage where other students could hear their thoughts. 

“I had the opportunity to meet countless LSU students and listen to their thoughts and ideas for the future of LSU,” Gaskins said. “Although this is the end of our campaign it is not an end to the things that we hold true; Diversity, Equality, Sustainability, Health and Wellness. DESH, if you hadn’t noticed.”

Stone Cox and Hannah Barrios won with 2,183 votes, 59.87% of the total count.

Mi'Kel Granville and Sophia Pollman, who campaigned under the Envision ticket, received 1,347 votes, or 36.94%. Independent candidates Desh Gaskins and Hayden Robert received 116 votes, or 3.18% of the total vote.

50% of the total vote was required to win the election.

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