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Pictures of the former Tri Delta and Tiger Girls member circulated Twitter on Wednesday as students called for disciplinary action. 

A University student was removed from her sorority after a Snapchat video allegedly showing her and two other young women using racial slurs circulated on social media.

The video was originally posted on Twitter by Texas resident Diego Garcés who was familiar with some of the women from attending high school in the Woodlands area. The three women in the video are shown laughing as they repeat racial slurs.

It was later reposted by @HarperSee via Twitter, who alleged the student’s association with LSU Tiger Girls and Tri Delta sorority.

The University student who was alleged to have participated in the video was a member of Tri Delta sorority and a Tiger Girl for the 2019-2020 school year. According to Tiger Girls Coach Kandace Hale, the student was not re-selected for membership during auditions, which took place several weeks prior to the incident. 

“However, we do want to say that we won’t support or condone such behaviors and have always supported all athletes of every culture, background and race,” Hale said. “We are proud of our team diversity and always have been.” 

Tri Delta issued a statement Thursday addressing the incident and confirming that the student in question was no longer a member of their organization. An amended statement on Saturday clarified that the student had not yet been removed, but the chapter "has taken all actions to terminate" her membership. 

“Please know that this individual's shameful actions are not a reflection of our chapter as a whole,” Tri Delta President Maddie Burk wrote. “However, as an organization that is currently predominantly white, we know that we can do better, and we are committed to doing exactly that. Please know that we are listening, and our hearts are completely open to learning and growing.”

The statement also pledged to implement education on the history of racial injustices, advocate for marginalized students and hold members accountable for maintaining an inclusive atmosphere. 

Twitter users alleged that the other two women in the video were members of Zeta Tau Alpha at Texas Tech University and Tri Delta at the University of Alabama. Both sororities responded to social media messages and said the students were facing judicial boards. 

On Monday, the Gamma Tau chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha announced that the woman in the video was no longer a member of their organization. 

Garcés said he didn't post the video to incite hate but to draw attention to the women’s offensive behavior. According to Garcés, all three women are well-known within the Woodlands area. 

“I’m not saying expel them, but rather they should be involved with [organizations] that will help them understand what they did was absolutely wrong, teach them about the privilege they have as white women, and how their words are never okay,” Garcés said. 

Garcés referred to the Woodlands as a “bubble” where the majority demographic is "white and wealthy." 

“They know the impact that their words and actions have and instead of using them to help out the less privileged, they used it to use a racial slur and to bully and put down other people at their schools,” Garcés said. 

In 2018, another member of Tri Delta at LSU received backlash for a Snapchat picture when she hung a plush monkey by a noose. The University and Tri Delta both took measures to investigate the incident. 

“While Tri Delta does not share the details of individual member discipline, this member appeared before our judicial council and received consequences for her actions,” Burk wrote. “In my role as chapter president, I assure you that we are committed to stronger, consistent accountability among our members, and racist behavior will not be tolerated.”

Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard said the University cannot comment on the discipline of an individual student. 

Click here to read the full statement from the Delta Omega chapter of Tri Delta 

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