Under Phase 3 guidelines, most public places require masks and follow strict social distancing procedures, but sorority members who elected to stay in Greek housing must follow strict guidelines in their own homes.

All sorority houses must adhere to the LSU safety guidelines, and in-house sorority members adapted to the new norms such as wearing a mask in common areas, socially distancing and regularly checking temperatures. The number of residents living in each house this fall ranges from around 30 to 60, according to the LSU Greek Life scorecard. 

Public relations junior Hallie Rambin moved into the Kappa Delta house for the second year and said she and other in-house members quickly adjusted to the new safety protocols as well as an emptier house.

“It’s very rare that girls will forget to put their mask on,” Rambin said. “If they’re eating, they won’t wear a mask, but other than that it’s just second nature. It’s something that we’re all getting used to that’s become the new normal.”

Previously, any member of Kappa Delta could bring guests into the house. Now, to keep members healthy, only members of the sorority are allowed to visit the house.

Posted signs dictate safe room capacities and taped-off x’s mark places that members cannot sit to allow for proper social distancing of members who still choose to visit the house.

Rambin said that while both in-house and out-of-house members previously gathered closely around tables for meals, they now disperse throughout the dining room and common areas because of the four-person table limit.

“Typically, there were tons of people here, but that’s just not the case this semester,” Rambin said. “We used to have more people, It was livelier, and more was more happening. Now people just stay at their own houses.”

Similar to Kappa Delta, Kappa Alpha Theta sorority only permits current members to enter the house and observes firm safety guidelines.

To keep members safe, Kappa Alpha Theta required that masks be worn, created hand sanitizer stations, limited common rooms’ capacities and began serving boxed meals in place of the buffet style previously utilized.

Biological sciences senior Dipika Nagliya moved into the Kappa Alpha Theta house for the first time this fall and feels secure in the safety measures her sorority has taken.

“They’re taking all the proper precautions,” Nagliya said. “…we have sanitizer literally everywhere. I am a little bit scared [of contracting COVID], but I think the safety guidelines are enough”

Marketing senior Kelly Wilson currently serves as the facility management director for Kappa Alpha Theta and helps ensure house residents follow LSU safety guidelines.

“Everybody is getting used to it," Wilson said. "I know I’ve had that moment of walking out of my room and realizing I forgot my mask in my room. Other than that, everybody has been complying and doing their part to keep everyone safe.”

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