Flu Shots 2019

The LSU Student Health Center will offer free flu shots for full-time students from Oct 7-11, 2019.

The LSU Student Health Center is beginning its annual Flu Shots on the Geaux campaign Monday, providing free flu shots to full-time students and those who paid the Student Health Center fee.

Flu shots will be offered every day this week from 9:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. at various locations on campus, including Middleton Library, the Student Union, the Student Health Center and Patrick F. Taylor Hall.

Flu shots are available for $10 each for part-time students and $20 each for faculty, staff, retirees and non-student spouses. These fees can be paid by cash or check.

Students must bring their Tiger Cards to receive a shot. The process of checking in and getting the shot should not take longer than 15 minutes, according to the Student Health Center.

Students are who running a fever or have taken steroids in the past two weeks, may be unable to get a flu shot.

Biochemistry freshman Claire Dupleix said Flu Shots on the Geaux is a great idea that will help keep the campus healthy. She plans to get a flu shot next week.

“It’s very important to get a flu shot because it lowers the chances of you getting the flu,” Dupleix said.

This is the ninth year the Student Health Center has offered flu shots through the Flu Shots on the Geaux campaign. Prior to the program, flu shots were offered in the Student Health Center building during flu season. They will also be offered there for students who were unable to get vaccinations during the week of the campaign.

The Student Health Center provides flu shots while supplies last, but if they run out before peak flu season ends, they will order more for students who need them.

LSU Student Health Center Director of Wellness and Health Promotion Rebecca Fontenot said it is important for students to get flu shots and take preventative measures to keep from contracting the virus.

“Students live and learn in close proximity, so their chance of contracting the virus is higher,” Fontenot said. “Being out sick and missing classes, assignments and tests can have a major impact on students’ academics.”

An average of 2,500 students, faculty and staff received flu shots each year through the campaign since the campaign’s start. Last year, 2,339 students, faculty and staff received their flu shot during the four-day period.

Since the beginning of flu season this year, the Student Health Center has tested 137 students for the flu, with 14 positive tests.

Fontenot said the Student Health Center wants students to know that by getting a vaccination, they are protecting themselves and those around them from contracting the virus. On top of a flu shot, Fontenot said, it’s also important to practice good health habits to prevent contracting the virus.

Mechanical engineering sophomore Gabriel Hains is skeptical about the effectiveness of flu vaccinations and doesn’t plan on getting a flu shot this week.

“I will not get a flu shot because the only time I ever got a flu shot, I got sick with the flu,” Hains said.

According to the Student Health Center, other ways to stay healthy during flu season with or without the shot include getting plenty of sleep, staying physically active and drinking plenty of fluids.

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