9-4-18 Student Government

LSU Student Government office operates during normal hours in the LSU Student Union on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018.

Student Government Senate planned to discuss resolutions denouncing recurring racial injustices and demonstrating support for the African and African American Studies program in a Wednesday webinar before it was interrupted by a hacker. 

Representatives from the AAAS program had just begun giving their presentation when a Zoom-bomber, under the name George Floyd, started making inappropriate noises and comments. 

“I love being choked,” the Zoom-bomber could be heard saying, before the audio was cut off. 

Student government made the decision to end the public meeting and send out a private link to continue their legislative discussions. 

“It had to be a college student, most likely,” said Jonathan Burke, a committee member of the Black Student Union. “And in most cases you think that because we’re so young that we don’t have the mindset of the older generation, and it’s just sad because kids, students our age, still practice that ignorance and still preach it.” 

The meeting was meant to introduce a resolution to promote the AAAS program to the status of a department. Presently, the program exists as a concentration of the liberal arts department or a minor. 

“It proves the fact that there needs to be these organizations to stop things like that,” Burke said. “And it proves the fact that we still need to be educated on these matters.”


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