07/14/2015 Kappa Sigma

LSU placed Kappa Sigma fraternity on suspension over allegations the fraternity hazed its pledges, violated COVID-19 protocols and served alcohol to minors.

Kappa Sigma was placed on interim suspension Jan. 15, according to a March 24 letter from Jonathan Sanders, the associate dean of students and director of student advocacy and accountability at the University.

Violations of the LSU Code of Conduct led to the suspension. Such violations included “alcohol medical transport” of a student due to an off-campus event during the fraternity’s recruitment where alcohol was served to minors and bought with the chapter’s funds.

While the University was working with the fraternity to address the violations, the University learned of the following “additional possible violations” of the LSU Code of Conduct:

-An event in Houston from Nov. 6-8 that violated University policies and COVID-19 directives

-A complaint received regarding “errand running and sleep deprivation” of new members during the fall 2020 semester

-An unapproved event hosted by Kappa Sigma during the fall 2020 semester where new members served as bartenders

-An off-campus party Dec. 5 hosted by a Kappa Sigma member where an estimated 300 people attended

The fraternity has been charged with six violations of the LSU Code of Student Conduct: alcohol, endangerment, failure to comply, violating a rule of the University, coercive behavior and hazing. The fraternity will meet with an officer of Student Advocacy and Accountability April 8.

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