10/12/15 Center for Academic Success

The Center of Academic Success welcomes students from all over campus who need academic help through tutoring and more on Monday Oct. 12, 2015, in Charles E. Coates Hall in LSU's quadrangle.

Since the University transitioned to remote learning, the University’s Center for Academic Success (CAS) has begun offering new online services. All the services CAS previously offered on campus can also be accessed for free online, according to CAS Executive Director Melissa Brocato. 

“Many student services have worked diligently to offer their services online, which has been no easy task,” Brocato said. 

Supplemental instruction, academic coaching and tutoring are a few of the services. CAS is also offering a Moodle course to help students implement effective learning strategies and improve study habits, and sending out a weekly newsletter containing study tips and updates on CAS resources. There is also a section on their website with tips on organization, test preparation and study skills. 

Some of the tips for transitioning to online classes include waking up at a regular time, setting a routine and making sure to have a comfortable, distraction-free study space, according to the CAS website. 

“We want students to know that we are here for them,” Brocato said. 

Brocato said about the same number of students are attending online SIs as before the online transition, but less students are reaching out for tutoring online. 

“Our tutoring numbers are understandably not as high as before due to the way it needs to be deployed online,” Brocato said, “We do expect these numbers to rise the closer we get to finals and as more students find out what is being offered.” 

While on campus, students could go to Middleton Library and receive tutoring at any time. Now, students must schedule their online tutoring sessions in advance on the CAS website. 

Advising is also still available remotely. Students can schedule advising appointments online via the Navigate app, which can be downloaded through any application platform. Students can choose which college they want to schedule with, what kind of advising they need and which advisor they’d like to meet with. Meetings are conducted over the phone or by Zoom.

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