10.15.18 Press Club

LSU President F. King Alexander speaks to the Baton Rouge Press Club in the Belle of Baton Rouge Casino & Hotel on Monday, Oct. 15, 2018.

Former LSU President F. King Alexander resigned from Oregon State University Sunday amid investigations into LSU's mishandling of sexual assault reports.

"Dr. Alexander no longer has the confidence of the OSU community," OSU Board of Trustees Chair Rani Borkar said in a meeting Wednesday. 

Borkar said Alexander offered his resignation to the board on Sunday and the resignation is effective April 1. The board held a meeting Tuesday to discuss the resignation and hold an executive session.

The board met March 17 to discuss Alexander's role in LSU's mishandling of sexual assault reports while he was head of the University. The board voted to put him on probation during that meeting.

Alexander was president of LSU from 2013 to 2019 and first became president at OSU in 2020. 

In a letter to Borkar March 22, LSU Board of Supervisors Chair Robert Dampf said he is "beyond offended" by comments made by Alexander about Louisiana's culture and the culture of LSU during last week's meeting.

"When sharing his opinion that Louisiana has a different moral standard than Oregon, he omits the facts that he enthusiastically counted himself as one of us for almost seven years," Dampf wrote.

Dampf said Alexander was invited twice by Husch Blackwell, the firm investigating LSU's mishandling of sexual assault reports, to be interviewed in the investigation. Dampf said Alexander said he would "only accept questions in writing." 

Dampf also clarified claims that Alexander made during the March 17 meeting. He said that all LSU campuses already had Title IX coordinators on each campus before Alexander's arrival to LSU and Greek organizations' activities were suspended under Alexander in response to an unfortunate death, not Title IX concerns as Alexander had indicated.

"Had Dr. Alexander consented to be interviewed, Husch Blackwell could have sorted through the inconsistencies and provided an opportunity to correction," Dampf wrote. "That time has passed and it seems fruitless to quibble with the previous president about what happened during this tenure."

Alexander's resignation was unanimously accepted by the OSU board of trustees. He has been placed on administrative leave until April 1st.

OSU's Provost Edward Feser will assume the president's duties pending appointment of an interim president.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

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