A raccoon fell through the ceiling of the 459 Dining Hall into the dining area Wednesday night as students were eating.

Pictures and videos taken by students capture diners watching as the confused raccoon looked around and rummaged through a student's booksack. Custodial staff eventually captured the animal. 

Danielle Gipson, an LSU Freshman, heard a scream when she entered the dining hall. 

“All I hear was a raccoon was in the 459,” Gipson said. “Everyone is standing up and looking around for it. I went and still got my food because I thought that it was fake. The raccoon then ran underneath my table and I immediately got on top of the chair.” 

Gipson then saw the raccoon leap on the table. As she returned to her table, friends told her that the raccoon had been on top of her bag and items. She was never able to finish her food.

“I am just scared that my bag has a disease,” Gipson said. “Right now it’s funny to look back at, but at the moment, I was traumatized. My appetite is definitely gone.” 

Hannah Accius, an LSU Freshman, entered the 459 as the raccoon still rummaged the building.

“The raccoon was trapped by the pasta area by LSU students so it would not run,” Accius said. "The workers still allowed students to enter even though they knew that a raccoon was inside.

"The raccoon was making its way toward me. It stopped and climbed onto my friend Danielle’s bag. Animal Control finally came and tried to catch it in a trash can. A cook even tried to use a basket to catch it. It was a mess."

Accius said that the raccoon was finally caught.

Pierson Murray, an LSU Freshman, heard screams and mistook it for his music playing in the background. 

“I heard screaming and someone bolted by my arm,” Murray said.  “I thought that it was a serious threat, like a shooter was inside the building.”

Murray then saw that there was a raccoon inside the building. He saw people cheering and clapping when one of the workers brought a bat. 

“My first thought was to protect the animal,” Murray. “The cheering disgusted me because an innocent animal is going to die or everyone in the room had a plan to kill it.”



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