LSU vs. Mississippi State

The game ball lays on the field Saturday, Sep. 26, 2020 during LSU's 44-34 loss against Mississippi State in Tiger Stadium.

An investigation by USA Today alleges that officials at LSU's athletic department and broader administration have a history of "ignoring complaints against abusers, denying victims' requests for protections and subjecting them to further harm by known perpetrators."

The report says that at least nine LSU football players have been reported to police for sexual misconduct and dating violence since coach Ed Orgeron's start at LSU four years ago.

According to USA Today, at least seven officials at the University had direct knowledge of wide receiver Drake Davis' physical abuse against his girlfriend, an LSU women's tennis player, and did not act on it for months. 

In another case, the school determined that a fraternity member had sexually assaulted two women but refused to remove him from a class he shared with one of them. They also ignored an allegation from a third female student. 

They found three cases in which the University did not expel male students responsible for sexual assault and instead received "deferred suspensions," a probationary period.

Another case showed that the University chose to defer the suspension of a man who stalked and sexually harassed a student even after pleading no contest in court to telephonic harassment.

“I just think that honestly they don’t care,” one of the women told USA TODAY. “The whole system is on the side of the accused.”

LSU declined to make 10 coaches and administrators available for interviews, and school officials did not answer USA Today's questions regarding handling specific allegations and Title IX cases.

The report comes only months after rape accusations from 2016 surfaced against former LSU running back Derrius Guice. The allegations were shared with two coaches, an athletics administrator and a nurse, but no investigations appear to be conducted by the school.

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