4.2.19 SG inauguration ceremony

LSU president F.King Alexander speaks at the Student government inauguration ceremony that took place at the Law school on Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

Soon-to-be Oregon State University President F. King Alexander reflected on his ups and downs during his tenure at LSU in a Business Report interview published Monday. 

In the interview, Alexander noted many of his successes: record enrollment and graduation numbers, an increasingly diverse student body and the consolidation of University offices, saving more than $14 million a year. 

One of the most significant failures to acknowledge, according to Alexander, is the handling of the hazing culture in LSU Greek life. Alexander led an effort to curb alcohol consumption among fraternities and sororities after the 2017 death of fraternity pledge Max Gruver. His efforts were met with mixed reviews - some saying it was too little too late while others claimed it went too far. 

Alexander continues to note that the problem he sees is not with Greek life as a whole but the more central idea of hazing throughout the institutions therein.

"There is a culture of hazing that took a long time to get into the culture and it's going to take a log time to get it out," Alexander said. 

Alexander wishes he could have been more effective with the handling of a pact that would have given 25 percent of revenues granted by the SEC network to academics, along with his involvement in higher education policy circles - namely affiliation with Hillary Clinton- and his handling of athletic controversies. 

Alexander will remain with LSU through March, assisting Interim President Thomas Galligan. 

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