Trump Impeachment Governors Races

FILE - In this July 8, 2019 file photo, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards stumps for re-election during a campaign stop in New Orleans, La. While Democrats in Washington charge ahead with an impeachment inquiry, their party's candidates for governor in three Southern states are doing their best to steer the conversation away from Republican President Donald Trump and toward safer ground back home. Edwards, who leads in the polls, faces two major Republican opponents in the Oct. 12 primary. (David Grunfeld/The Advocate via AP, File)

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — President Donald Trump is heading to Louisiana ahead of Saturday's election, for a last-minute rally aimed at peeling support from Gov. John Bel Edwards and keeping the Democratic incumbent from a primary win.

Trump tweeted Sunday about the get-out-the-vote event, saying he's working to elect "a great new Republican Governor!" He hasn't endorsed between GOP candidates Ralph Abraham and Eddie Rispone.

The president's event will be held Friday night in Lake Charles, in southwest Louisiana.

In Louisiana, all candidates run against each other, regardless of party, on the same primary ballot. Polls show Edwards well in the lead, ahead of his two main Republican challengers, within striking distance of topping 50% and reaching a primary win.

Trump's visit follows a GOP voter rally in Kenner featuring Vice President Mike Pence.

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