William Tate

William Tate IV speaks during the interview process in LSU's presidential search on May 6, 2021. Tate was named president of LSU on May 7, 2021. Courtesy Katherine Seghers, LSU.

The White House invited LSU President William Tate IV to speak to President Joe Biden on LSU's COVID-19 mitigation strategies, an LSU press release relayed. Tate will be joining a body of representatives from across the country Wednesday to brief Biden on their institutions' COVID-19 policies. 

As announced by the White House, Biden is preparing for his six-step COVID-19 plan. First, representatives will discuss how the expansion of COVID-19 protocols has impacted their institutions so that Biden can advance his administration's plan into the private sector.

With 82% of the student body vaccinated, Tate claims LSU's COVID-19 protocols have worked in depleting the virus on campus. As of Sept. 13, over 25,000 students reported being partially or fully vaccinated.

LSU's protocols include:

  • Virus-detecting monthly testing protocol.
  • Wastewater testing.
  • Vaccine/testing mandate in Tiger Stadium.
  • Classroom ventilation through HEPA air filters.
  • A mask mandate for all indoor activities. 

Since the start of the semester on Aug. 23, there have been 298 COVID-19 cases on LSU's campus, and over 7,000 COVID tests have been conducted.

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