Big Squeezy

The Big Squeezy operates during normal business hours in the LSU Student Union on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019.

The Big Squeezy in the LSU Student Union moved from its former location inside the On the Geaux grocery store to between Build and Create, the former location of Lagniappe.

LSU Dining Marketing and Guest Experience Manager Cheramie Gosnell said the decision to move The Big Squeezy was made with customers in mind.

“We are constantly evaluating the wants and needs of our guests and our vendor partners,” Gosnell said. “From there, we make decisions on placement of locations, new menu options in our operations, hours of operations, to name a few.”

She also said the restaurant's new location would benefit students.

“We were able to give the students more by moving Squeezy to the new location,” Gosnell said. “The students enjoy The Big Squeezy, and this puts them out front and center, giving us more space than in On the Geaux to then expand our popular sushi concept and add Geaux Dog.”

Fashion merchandising sophomore Madeline Busch likes that The Big Squeezy is its own store instead of being located inside of the On the Geaux grocery store.

“It was too hidden, and you had to know about it or you wouldn’t find it,” Busch said. “A lot of my friends wouldn’t go to the grocery store, so they didn’t even know it existed. I think they’ll get more customers. Especially from the freshmen who spend more time on campus and have Paw Points.”

Gosnell said Lagniappe closed and was replaced with The Big Squeezy because the revenue Lagniappe was generating did not compare with The Big Squeezy's revenue.

“The sales were not there to justify keeping it open,” Gosnell said. “We have a lot of guests to serve, and we need to have a variety of concepts that our guests want. If guests are spread out among several dining options, their wait time is decreased.”

Biological sciences sophomore Skylar Yegge said she thinks the move makes The Big Squeezy more accessible to students and easier to locate. Her only critique was about the new sign.

“It’s just not that noticeable because they’re known for their orange stuff," Yegge said. "It’s in black and white, so I was like, ‘what is that?’ at first. Then I realized it was The Big Squeezy.”

Yegge said she used to go to The Big Squeezy as a high school student. When she arrived at the University she used almost all of her Paw Points there her freshman year.

Gosnell said The Big Squeezy may not be the most popular restaurant in the Student Union, but students do love it.

“Squeezy offers unique, fresh menu items that I think students are attracted to,” Gosnell said.

The Big Squeezy’s new location is open in the Student Union from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays and offers fresh juices and smoothie bowls to students. 

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