9-17-16 LSU vs Mississippi State

Mike celebrates the touchdown with the student's section during the Tigers 23-20 victory over Mississippi State on Sept. 17, 2016 at Tiger Stadium.

Being a freshman can be difficult in college, especially when you feel like a little fish in a big pond. However, there are plenty of ways to navigate the challenges of the school year by following The Freshman 10. 

Getting Around:

For most freshmen, the next year will mostly be spent in a bright, cement room in one of the University’s many traditional housing halls. While these rooms may be cramped and uncomfortable at times, they provide students with great locations for reaching their classes. 

For students who need a break from the rain or need to catch a ride on a hot day, the University transit system, Tiger Trails, is going to come in handy. By downloading the LSU mobile app or the Rider app, the buses available and the times they are running are easily accessible to students.

Opening Up:

Finding people with similar interests is advice that all parents have told.  Whether it be in Greek life, the club and intramural scene, or campus organizations like the Reveille, these organizations can be an easy way to meet people who have similar views and interests. 

Being open and willing in class is the time-tested method to make friends. As a career path progresses, students will find themselves in classes with familiar faces. These people are often the easiest to get along with, as the struggle of a specific study can be shared. 


Moving away from your parents and being on your own can be both exciting and difficult. Now that you are on your own, guaranteeing you have enough sleep to be prepared for your morning classes is vital.  Keeping up with your dietary needs is also important; the bag of chips you ate for breakfast in your dorm room won’t cut it. 

Mental health is another concern for college students who have trouble adjusting to college life. If you have trouble with anxiety or depression, utilizing the Student Health Center (SHC) can help you deal with these issues. With seminars for students dealing with anxiety and depression, the SHC provides a place for students to have a safe place to receive support and develop coping skills. 

Staying Active:

It can be difficult to take in all of the experiences on campus at once because there is so much advertised to freshmen. The University’s UREC offers various activities allowing for people to stay involved on campus, while exercising and meeting new people. Some classes offered consist of yoga, cycling, ZUMBA, boxing, pilates, etc. These classes are offered from as early as 6:45 a.m. to as late as 8:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. To see more activities at the UREC click here


A Tiger tradition is to head out to campus with your family and friends and enjoy the festivities the University has to offer. The parade grounds, PMAC and down Field House Dr. are some of the many locations where everyone can get together to celebrate. 

Always remember to stay hydrated. 

As you begin to socialize and walk around in the heat, it can get pretty exhausting. Staying hydrated is essential to the enjoyment of the day, especially if you are choosing to consume alcohol. Although you can’t bring in bottles of any kind into the stadium, it is always good to bring a bottle of water if you plan on partying before the game. 

Always stay in a group.

Tiger Stadium has a seating capacity of 102,321 and has recorded an average of 92,868 fans every home game since 2011. This influx of fans, faculty and students can be overwhelming to newcomers to the stadium. Always try and attend the games with a group of friends or family. If you ever need any help navigating the labyrinth of the stadium, there are security guards and stadium workers stationed at every entrance. 

Always bring clear carrying bags and small purses.

This is especially important for anyone bringing a purse into the stadium. The current dimensions that are accepted are only CLEAR tote bags smaller than 12” x 6” x 12”. If you do not have a clear small bag or small purse for your things, you will not be allowed to bring your things in with you. This is to ensure the safety of yourself and fellow Tiger Stadium attendees to have the best possible experience. 

Always get out to the stadium early to avoid larger lines.

The stadium opens the student section gates an hour before the game starts which creates ample time for everyone to start moving towards the stadium after tailgating. The wait times can get rough, sometimes even close to waiting 30 minutes or more. Getting out to the stadium early can ensure seating closer to the field which will definitely boost enjoyment for the game. Also, maybe you will get to meet a player or two?

Always wear comfortable shoes. 

The University’s campus itself is sized at 2,000 acres which is equivalent to about 1,515 football fields, so tailgating and moving around the stadium can require a good amount of walking. To avoid any soreness or pain because of this, it would be a good idea to wear comfortable shoes. 

The University is going to be the place where you spend the next four years. By having these tips, you’ll be able to thrive and pass the same advice to others over the next following years.

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