The Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity house can no longer host Greek social events after being told by Greek Affairs an investigation is being conducted.

Two students were arrested after three unauthorized entries occurred at the Delta Kappa Epsilon house in October.

LSUPD sent an email on Nov. 13 asking LSU students and staff to help identify individuals in connection to three separate unauthorized entries at the Delta Kappa Epsilon house on Oct. 3, Oct. 9 and Oct. 17. 

The photograph taken on Oct. 3 showed a man holding his phone in front of a door. The second photograph, taken on Oct. 9, showed two men walking together in a room. Two separate photographs were taken on Oct. 17 of two women. One woman is smiling and looking directly into the camera. The other woman is standing and staring straight ahead.

LSU Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard said that since the flyers were emailed, two students have been arrested and issued summons for unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling.

“If anyone is found breaking in or entering campus buildings that are closed," Ballard said, "They will be investigated and could face arrest for unauthorized entry."

This is not the first time break-ins have occurred at DKE. WBRZ reported two unauthorized entries that occurred during DKE's closure in September 2019. The house director of DKE told WBRZ that the house experienced multiple unauthorized entries previous to the September break-ins.

In August 2017, a student was arrested for allegedly taking items from the Delta Kappa Epsilon house, according to an affidavit provided by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office.

The University's chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity was closed by its national chapter Jan. 15, 2019, after the International Fraternity investigated allegations of hazing and alcohol policy violations, according to a letter from the national chapter.

Timeline of hazing incidents that led to the nationwide exposure of hazing culture

In February 2019, nine former DKE members were arrested for hazing-related activities that occurred during the Fall 2018 semester.

DKE has a history of violations. In November 2017, it was reprimanded for violating an alcohol policy, and in January 2015, it was reprimanded for violating a rule in the University's code of conduct. DKE also drew criticism for hanging offensive banners on its fraternity house.

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