1.31.18 A Summer in D.C.

The Manship School holds an informational meeting about the summer in D.C. program on Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018, in the Holiday Forum of the Journalism Building on LSU campus.

Buzzfeed quizzes are always there for you. Feeling down? Take a BuzzFeed quiz about what ice cream flavor you are. Too much homework? Push it aside and take a quiz about what dog breed you’re most like. 

Students at the Manship School of Mass Communication can now add another BuzzFeed quiz to their to-do lists: “Which Manship School Professor Are You?”

The quiz has a range of questions, from specific ones about media sources and concentrations mixed in with more general ones, like favorite colors and flavors. The quiz features five professors and staff members: Robert Mann, Tad Odell, Sadie Wilks, Courtni Guidry and Roxanne Dill. 

The quiz attracted most of its attention on Twitter and had Manship students, alumni and professors buzzing. Professor Mann saw the quiz on Twitter and took it because it sparked his interest. He said that quizzes like this can be made because of the strong connections between Manship students and professors. 

“We’re a small school, so it makes it easier to get to know students and for students to get to know faculty,” Mann said. “Students get to know their professor’s eccentricities, quirks and personalities.” 

Other Manship professors like Wilks heard about the quiz from former students who took the quiz, including one student that got her as a result. 

“They included a link to the quiz along with the answer they received. She [a former student] said she got me and shared the screenshot of the summary of 'me.' The quiz was creative and fun. I shared it through my social accounts and many students, former students and fellow alums joined in on the fun,” Wilks said.

Wilks also mentioned she had to take the quiz twice because the first time she took it, she didn't get herself.

“The first time I got Roxanne Dill; the second time I got me," Wilks said. "I tweeted Professor Dill and told her I was honored to get her on the quiz."

Dill says that she enjoyed the quiz and that she would like to see more faculty options included. 

“I took the quiz at the Ambassadors' meeting when the students were also taking it. I got myself, which was a relief,” Dill said. “I don't know who created the quiz, but it would be interesting to have it expanded to include more faculty possibilities for matches.”

Manship students were just as eager to take the quiz and see their results. Mass communication students like Walter Miller took the quiz and were thrilled with results. 

“I got Tad Odell, who is one of my favorite professors at LSU, so I was really happy about that,” Miller said. 

Manship Ambassador Avery Bracken was the one who spearheaded the creation of the BuzzFeed quiz as a fun team bonding activity for Manship Ambassadors. She said the creation process was fun and made her appreciate the faculty more.

The quiz currently has more than 1,200 views, with many people posting results and comments on Twitter. 

“When you boil it down, it’s simply a lighthearted activity that is supposed to make you laugh. I think people understood that and really enjoyed it," Bracken said.

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