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Freshman Madalyn Mouton reads a copy of the Reveille on Thursday, August 22, 2019.

Nothing remains constant except change itself.

One-hundred and thirty two years into its existence, the Reveille seems more like an artifact than an important staple in the lives of University students. 

When you are a student at LSU, 132 years seems forever. It is easy to neglect the gravity of those three digits and the work it took to stick around that long.

The Reveille has seen times of great prosperity in Louisiana, as well as times of great poverty. The Reveille has witnessed national championships, as well as the tragic deaths of students. Through it all, the Reveille has continued to serve the student body.

The Reveille may have been around forever in the eyes of University students, but this fall's Reveille will bear little resemblance to its predecessors. The 132-year old student newspaper is undergoing its greatest transformation.

This fall marks the launch of the Reveille's mobile app, available on both iOS and Android. It has functioning push notifications and will give The Reveille an unprecedented opportunity to reach our audience. We at The Reveille can only accomplish our goals if we are consistently in the hands of LSU students. Our app will do just that. With just a few finger strokes, students will have access to decades of Reveille stories on the long-overdue app. 

To further aid in our digital push, The Reveille will begin sending digital newsletters. Any Reveille reader can sign up for our newsletters at The newsletter, sent twice a week on Wednesday and Friday, will augment the physical paper and allow Reveille stories to potentially reach the emails of thousands of subscribers. 

When I was selected for the role of editor-in-chief, I knew The Reveille needed to improve its digital presence. Thanks to the fantastic management staff, The Reveille will have a new top-down, digital-first approach to content creation. 

Our transformation does not end with our digital initiative though. I am proud to announce that the Reveille will increase its print frequency starting on Monday, Aug. 26. The Reveille will now print on Mondays and Thursdays. I am even prouder to say that The Reveille is one of the few student newspapers in the country to increase its print frequency. 

These monumental changes will only yield success if The Reveille recaptures its role as the voice for the LSU student body. I promise to every University student, The Reveille will work tirelessly to proudly represent you and mercilessly seek the truth in every story we publish. You will see our renewed commitment to you in every story.

Every day, I am blessed to work alongside the staff in The Reveille newsroom. From our new advisor, Jeff Gauger, to our latest staff hires, I know that every individual associated with The Reveille is dedicated to serving University students. 

The changes made this fall not only ensure the survival of The Reveille for the next generation of University students, but place it in a position to once again become a linchpin in campus life. 

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