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Freshman Madalyn Mouton reads a copy of the Reveille on Thursday, August 22, 2019.

In August, I said the fall semester would be the 132-year-old Reveille’s greatest transformation. Exciting yet daunting tasks stood in the newspaper’s way as it embraced a digital-first approach to content creation and launched its mobile app. Roughly half way through the semester, I can proudly say The Reveille has met every obstacle with grace and capitalized on every opportunity to recapture a role as a voice for students within the LSU community.

After years of bathing in unmarked potential, The Reveille has flourished this fall both in traditional metrics, such as online page views and app downloads, and in terms of content itself. The increased print frequency has been supported by advertising demands. The mobile app and digital newsletter bring stories and content closer to readers. Unlike ever before, our audience has access to years of Reveille stories with only a few finger strokes.

Most importantly, The Reveille’s content has dramatically improved this fall. From live coverage of the gubernatorial debates to investigative work uncovering false claims made by the University in a recent magazine advertisement, The Reveille has been a leader in LSU news. We pride ourselves on our abilities to hold those in power accountable and to incorporate student voices into larger campus issues. Improved coverage is not limited to news though. It spans all sections.

Our staff has made it a priority to cover social issues more closely. As a result, The Reveille this fall produced groundbreaking coverage highlighting LSU’s past and present struggles with racial and cultural divisions. This type of coverage makes readers, and even some within our staff, uncomfortable. It is The Reveille’s duty to the student body to cover these types of issues. We report on bad news in hopes that one day there will be good news to report on.

There is no constant besides change itself. Despite our transformation so far this fall, The Reveille will continue to improve and innovate. Going forward, The Reveille will commit itself to greater coverage on Instagram, bringing more stories into the feeds of University students. The Reveille will also launch three podcasts before the end of the semester focusing on news, national sports and student advice.

Additionally, The Reveille will push for more video content to upgrade our audience’s digital experience. I am excited to announce The Reveille is actively seeking to hire a videographer. Applications can be submitted at

Readers like you allow this newspaper to operate. For that, I am forever grateful. It is a blessing to work every day alongside the fantastic staff at The Reveille. I know this newspaper will continue to evolve and serve the campus community.

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