Baton Rouge Protests the Death of George Floyd

Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Weston Broome speaks on Sunday, May 31, 2020 before the protest of the death of George Floyd in Galvez Plaza.

Before Mayor Broome made history by assuming her position as parish CEO, our community longed to see progress on important issues. During the past four years, she has proven to us she is capable of leading her staff and the City Council to serve our community’s interests.

With the runoff election underway, voters must now take advantage of this opportunity and vote for the person with the right plans and judgment to bring progressive policy initiatives to fruition.

The Broome administration has been influential in creating jobs and reducing traffic through MOVEBR. This initiative includes dozens of new infrastructure projects, such as creating new capacity developments, improving existing corridors, and synchronizing traffic signals across the parish. The synchronization projects have resulted in 470 traffic signals being upgraded and 400 new school flashers installed.

Broome has addressed flooding and drainage issues by implementing the EBR Stormwater Drainage Program, which aims to find flooding vulnerabilities and plan restoration improvements to lessen those risks.

Mayor Broome also increased her constituents’ access to healthcare by opening the new Ochsner clinic at Howell Park and re-opening BR General Mid-City.

She has addressed the issue of police accountability by providing law enforcement with body cameras, increasing de-escalation training and banning the use of chokeholds. These actions make it evident the community's health and safety are among the top priorities for the mayor’s second term.

Actions like these are why students such as Emily Manning, a senior, chose to volunteer for the Broome campaign.

“Working for Mayor Broome has been incredible because she cares a lot about the issues that I also care about like police accountability,” Manning said.

Mayor Broome is able to articulate insightful information regarding "kitchen table" issues, such as crime, clearly and concisely. When interacting with constituents, she has a deep understanding of the impactful issues they care about. Her record as mayor, along with her open-door policy, makes her qualified to continue serving as mayor-president.

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