4-4-2018 SG Inauguration

LSU President F. King Alexander gives a speech during LSU's 2018-19 Student Government inauguration on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, near Memorial Tower.

When our football team hosted Georgia Southern two weeks ago, a student allegedly directed an offensive racial slur at a group of peers while they were seated in the student section. I am saddened and disappointed by this report. No students should ever be made to feel unwelcome and targeted at a game or any other university event. Tiger Stadium, like every part of LSU’s campus, is meant to be inclusive for all. 

I applaud the passionate response we have received from our students, faculty, staff and alumni, all decrying allegations of racial remarks. I understand that many have been frustrated by the lack of information about actions undertaken to address the individual(s) behavior. However, the laws governing student privacy prevent me or any other university official from disclosing details to the public.

That being said, I want the entire community to know that we take this incident very seriously and it is under investigation. Racial slurs and the mindset that drives this type of conduct are outrageous, unacceptable, and have no place at LSU. Let me be clear: we do not and will not tolerate hate on this campus, and we will take appropriate action to address those that advance such inappropriate behavior and hatred on any LSU campus. 

I’m proud to say that LSU has made tremendous strides in diversity and inclusivity in recent years. Our university is now more reflective of our state, nation and world. Our student body is now larger and more diverse than ever before. While we are proud of these achievements, we know that we have to continue to make improvements in the coming years, and I know that we will make those gains together.

I know that the remarks attributed to one individual do not speak for the collective feelings of our campus. I call upon each and every member of the LSU family to stand strong together against racism, bigotry and prejudice. Our similarities are far stronger than our differences, and we are all charged with doing our part to contribute to a community that embraces those differences and continues to strengthen our university. If we tirelessly work as one, we can all play a vital role in eradicating hatred, bigotry and prejudice throughout society. 

LSU President F. King Alexander

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