Amy Coney is a strong woman

I believe Amy Coney Barrett is a superb pick for Associate Justice to the United States Supreme Court.

Yes, you read that correctly. You may not agree with the way she interprets the law, but she is beyond qualified for this position. 

It is her job to interpret the United States Constitution the way she thinks it was intendedjudges are not policymakers. Therefore, disagreeing with her when it comes to policies and court cases is not a legitimate justification to block her nomination. 

Judge Barrett has lived a remarkable life. She is from New Orleans and graduated from St. Mary's Dominican High School. It is an honor for me to be able to say we have that in common. After, Barrett attended Rhodes College and later graduated summa cum laude from Notre Dame Law School.

Once Barrett finished her education, she went on to clerk for the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington D.C., and then for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Eventually, Judge Barrett became a professor at her alma mater, Notre Dame, where she teaches constitutional law. 

These credentials alone make Judge Barrett an astounding pick for the Supreme Court.

Aside from this, Amy Coney Barrett is a devout Catholic, wife and mother to seven children. Two of her children were adopted from Haiti and the youngest has Down syndrome. Though being a mom or wife does not qualify someone for any job, it serves as a testament to Barrett's hard work and dedication to the things that truly matter in life. 

The Supreme Court should have no political affiliation biases. If a nominee has the qualifications to become a justice, there should be bipartisan support to fill the seat regardless of his or her partisanship. A perfect example of this would be the confirmation of both of President Obama's Supreme Court nominees. 

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a staunch Republican, voted to confirm both Justice Elena Kagan and Justice Sonia Sotomayor under the Obama administration. Rest assured Sen. Graham did not vote for these two women because he agreed with how they interpreted the Constitution but because he knew their records and believed their knowledge of the law qualified them for the job. 

This is how the confirmation of Judge Barrett should be, but everything is partisan. Senators should put their party politics aside and take a look at Amy Coney Barrett's 2017 confirmation for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. 

Judge Barrett was confirmed to the Court of Appeals by a bipartisan vote. Barrett is the first and only woman to serve on this court in the state of Indiana. This achievement confirms that Amy Coney Barrett has what it takes. It makes me wonder what's changed in three years that all of a sudden she's seen as "not qualified."

We must stop the nonsense. President Trump was elected by the American people for four years, not three and a half. The President has a duty to nominate someone to fill the late Justice Ginsburg's seat. It is the senate's job to hold hearings and take a vote. Elections have consequences. 

Enough obstructing. Stop attacking Amy Coney Barrett's Catholic faith. Stop attacking her family and questioning its authenticity. Put some respect on this future justice's name and fill the seat. She deserves it, and so do the American people who elected President Trump.  

Elizabeth Crochet is a 19-year-old political communication sophomore from New Orleans. 

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