Elizabeth Warren announces presidential campaign

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Feb. 9, 2019, in Lawrence, Massachusetts. 

The country will continue to be a wreck because President Donald Trump will win the 2020 election, although the best person to win the bid for president is Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

I don’t think she’ll win the election, nor do I think she’ll become the democratic nominee. You can disagree with Warren, but she has concrete plans for everything she wants to change. 

There are politicians who give vague answers to specific questions, but Warren will never do that because she knows exactly what she wants to do and how she wants to do it. 

Former Vice President Joe Biden will most likely become the democratic nominee because of his past experience in office with former President Barack Obama. 

Biden is well-known, and many people trust him. He's basically a republican and is just white enough to get votes from certain people—he fits the script for the moderate republicans who might not want Trump but definitely don’t want liberal Beto O’Rourke. 

But would Biden be able to defeat Trump in the election? Would we be forced to suffer through four more years of the Trump administration?

Trump's political views are extremist. He is openly racist, homophobic and sexist, which is a problem for some people. Others overlook this just because they don’t want to vote for a woman or a person of color. 

Trump stands for people who are silently prejudiced but now can be vocal because of his platform. Those people are fine with his views because he’s been saying what they’ve been thinking their whole lives.

On the other hand, Warren is a democrat and an older white woman. She's Hillary Clinton on paper, but without the email scandal.

Although many people blamed their hate for Clinton on her personal emails, the reason she didn’t win is because she’s a woman. Warren is more liberal than Clinton, but their views don’t have anything to do with whether or not they’ll win an election. 

Warren’s ideas shouldn't seem that radical to people who aren't part of the 1%. Warren is targeting the 75,000 wealthiest families in the U.S., and she's only trying to help the middle and working classes.

Warren wants to enact a Wealth Tax, which will not affect most of the U.S. The proposal is to tax people who make over $50 million a year at 2%, with an additional surcharge of 1% on wealth over $1 billion, according to The Associated Press.

Warren has a plan for affordable childcare and daycare that would be funded by the Wealth Tax. Quality childcare from birth to kindergarten is expensive. Parents who don’t have anyone else to watch their children and can’t afford to miss work to watch their children don’t have a chance. 

Parents who can’t go to school or can’t go to work with their child can’t survive without access to childcare. Warren's plan will help those parents get a job so they can make money to take care of their children. 

Electing Trump was a radical response to Obama's presidency, and hopefully the U.S. will elect someone like Warren as a radical response to electing Trump.

Trump only cares about the rich, white people of the U.S. because that’s all he’s ever known. He doesn’t understand the financial struggles the lower and middle class have to go through. 

Warren’s plans aim to help those people. Warren didn’t grow up with a "small loan of $1 million." She grew up working and taking care of her own children, and she wants to help the people of the U.S. do the same. 

Ashlon Lusk is a 20-year-old mass communication sophomore from Houston, Texas.

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