10/7/14 Nutrition Center

LSU Sport's Nutrition Center opens the Fueling Station for student athletes struggling to eat healthy while dealing with time management.

No matter how hectic life may seem right now, your health remains a top priority. While we’re still in the baby steps of our semester, I’d like to encourage you along your wellness journey by sharing a few helpful tips that will boost your mind and body alike. 

Although most of our health priorities are currently fixated on COVID-19, it's important to consider how prepared our bodies are to fight other diseases as well. Be sure to get a proper amount of magnesium, zinc and vitamin D, all of which are needed to maintain a healthy immune system. Magnesium and zinc are sold in affordable capsules in nearly all pharmacies, or can be added dietarily via nuts, fatty fish and dark chocolate. Vitamin D capsules are also available but you can save a few bucks by sourcing this nutrient through time in the sun every day.

Iron deficiency, which plagues roughly 10 million Americans, can easily be solved by adding more iron to your diet. Louisiana favorites, like shrimp, oysters and crawfish make for great sources.

If Cajun cuisine leaves you cold, opt instead for many fruits, vegetables, meats and breads. One of the least palatable (but certainly most beneficial and affordable) sources of iron is beef liver. I like to blend fresh liver and freeze it in ice cube trays for smoothies. I’m not a fan of the metallic taste, but I can easily mask it with blueberries and honey.

Looking to naturally boost your hair's health? Just shampoo less! Not only will you pocket a few extra cents a week, but your hair’s natural oils will work to give you your shiniest, healthiest hair. Try shampooing every other day, and determine from there how often you feel comfortable washing your hair. My readers with curly hair will be happy to hear that shampooing less frequently alleviates frizz on those humid south Louisiana days. 

We all know that exercise is important for a strong body, but it can also ameliorate your mind's functioning by improving your mood, alleviating anxiety, boosting cognitive function and lifting your self-esteem. Luckily, our university offers a number of ways to get moving! Rent a kayak from the UREC, take a brisk walk around the LSU lakes or go for a swim in your apartment complex's pool.

Finally, and perhaps most critically, remember to carry a water bottle with you so you can hydrate frequently during the day. Being in a hot and humid environment without drinking water leads to dehydration, bringing forth a host of issues. Besides, drinking water can improve brain function, mood and regulate your body temperature.

It can be easy to forget our physical wellbeing and deprive our bodies of nutrients while we focus on due dates and tailgates, but now is the perfect time to build lifelong healthy habits.

Canaan Charrier is a 19-year-old finance, religious studies and international relations sophomore from Monroe.

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