9/7/19 Lizzo Concert

Lizzo performing at the Fillmore New Orleans on Canal Street on Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019.

Lizzo proved that a catchy song can put you on the map, but her impact goes way beyond her music. 

The singer was nominated for eight Grammy awards, including the categories of Album of the Year and Best New Artist. Although she only took home one award, her reputation remained intact. 

I can admit that “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo was at the top of my 2019 most-played Spotify playlist. I was not a fan of most of her other songs because I didn’t think they were anything special. But then I realized that when people would say “I love Lizzo,” they weren't necessarily talking about her music. They were talking about all that she represents. 

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This is a time when women are taking their power back, when women in the public eye are choosing to be themselves and getting praise for it. I believe that’s why people are drawn to Lizzo. 

In my opinion, there has not been many other women in the music industry that genuinely do not care about what others think. Lizzo set out to prove that she wasn’t conforming to anything, especially not the expectations of the industry. 

Lizzo was able to do this through her actions, clothing choices and language. She was not afraid to be honest whether it be online, in interviews or in her music. 

She has received major backlash for this; especially for her words and actions. Most recently, she was criticized for dancing at a Lakers basketball game. She was seen on the big screen lifting her shirt to reveal her thong and twerking in front of the camera. Although I didn’t think it was really appropriate, I expected this behavior from her, because she just doesn’t care. 

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If I’m honest, I wish I, and other women, had more of Lizzo’s attitude toward standards. I wish I was able to be proud of myself without the fear of what others thought. 

Even though she may have unconventional ways of showing it, I think Lizzo represents self-confidence, body positivity and feminism. She showed her fans and “haters” that having those qualities should be celebrated.  

Lizzo’s music is pretty good, but I don’t think she was doing anything drastically different in the industry. I think her popularity comes from her personality and the energy she brings to the public. I think it’s what people today need, so that they don't feel guilty about loving themselves. 

Lizzo is unapologetically herself. She never let the negative comments bring her down. It is inspiring to see a woman who doesn’t fit the usual beauty standards making such a huge impact. It is women like Lizzo who are changing the standards, one twerk at a time. 

 Shelby Bordes is a 21-year-old mass communication junior from Rayne, Louisiana.

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