Tiger Stadium Vaccination Site

People wait in line and fill out paperwork on Mar. 14, 2021 while social distancing at the Tiger Stadium vaccination site.

Tiger Stadium recently opened up its gates again. Fans used to file in, eager to catch a glimpse of Joe Burrow during his Heisman season. Now, we’re just eager for a shot at a normal life again — a life that the COVID-19 vaccine can hopefully provide.

When I learned the University would be providing a limited number of vaccines on campus, part of me wanted to just ignore it altogether. My parents felt otherwise, though; later, I found myself becoming one of those students who would grasp at anything that could potentially bring me back to the pre-coronavirus days.

I have to say that my vaccination experience at the University was surprisingly pleasant. Everything from the sign-up process to the actual appointment day was very easy to navigate, and the on-site staff was exceedingly helpful in guiding students through it all.

Signing up for an appointment was a breeze. There were step-by-step instructions, which made it really hard to mess up or confuse anything. I only wish signing up for a meeting with my academic advisor was that easy.

After that, you just show up at your scheduled time and you’ll be in and out like Arik Gilbert. All you need is your ID and a short-sleeve shirt, and you are ready to go.

If you look up “southern hospitality” in the dictionary, you’ll actually find a picture of the people that administer the COVID-19 vaccines on campus. They were literally the nicest people ever for the 15 seconds that it took to get it done.

Before you have a chance to even comprehend how nice they are, the needle is in and out, and your first dosage of the vaccine is complete following a 15-minute observation period. For me, the whole process was over within approximately 30 minutes.

Now the unpleasant part begins. During the next couple of days, my left arm stopped wanting to be part of my body. I lost all motivation to do anything but lay in bed all day. From what I have heard, the second dose is much worse.

I am not prepared for that in the slightest, but based off of my first experience in Tiger Stadium, I’m sure I can handle it.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion when it comes to this vaccine. This article isn’t about that.

Whether you choose to get the vaccine is entirely up to you. I am not pressuring anyone to do so. This is for those who are scared or nervous and interested in how the process works — I know anxiety can cause people to be hesitant if not presented with all of the information.

This was my experience, but it’s for you to consider. Use it how you see fit.

Anthony Bui is a 21-year-old English junior from Opelousas.

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