If you are reading this, you are more likely than not in an elite class of people known as college students. Members of this distinguished social stratum somehow function on a diet that rarely features the nutritional staples of the bottom of the food pyramid. We add to this bodily abuse by taking absolutely no care of our mental health. Every hour is spent either doing school work or procrastinating on said school work until the deadline, heaping untold stress on ourselves as we rush to get it done.

To complete this harmony of dysfunctional habits, we college students tend to function on an alarmingly small amount of sleep. After finishing classes and assignments on campus, we can't resist the urge to lay our heads down for a quick power nap. Going back to our on-campus dorms and apartments is too much of a hassle, and leaving campus would raise issues our tired brains couldn't resolve; finding a parking spot was already enough of a headache the first time. 

Some people shotgun an energy drink, others chug down a piping hot cup of coffee. I, on the other hand, like to confront the issue of fatigue at its source and just sleep. After extensive research, I have uncovered numerous places on campus that make for great temporary sleeping spaces.

One key piece of information—the higher you climb, the quieter it gets. In the Student Union and LSU Library, the lower floors are too loud for a light sleeper to catch Z's. When in doubt, go up; that’s my motto. The third and fourth floors of both the Student Union and library provide adequate serenity for your naps.

If you are a sleeper willing to trade high volumes for a touch of comfort, the couches on the first floor of the Student Union are the right move. Really, any couch on campus is fine, provided someone isn’t already sitting there. 

Maybe you're the outdoorsy kind who wants to enjoy the good weather Louisiana has to offer once or twice a year. Bring a picnic blanket out to the Parade Ground or string up your hammock between two trees in the Quad.

If an unexpected tropical storm interrupts your outdoor naptime, camp out in the Howe Russell atrium. Don't worry, the allosaurus skeleton will scare off anyone who tries to wake you.

I just gave you some great spots, most of which you probably already knew about, but that's okay—I want to keep the very best spots a secret for myself.

At the end of the day, all I want is to normalize napping on campus. We are all struggling to make it through the day; I've certainly trudged through campus some days on as little as three hours of sleep.

Would it be odd to walk into the Student Union and see 50 students knocked out? Yes, it could be a bit weird. It shouldn’t be though; a healthy mind leads to a healthy body, and both require you to be well rested. 

So, remember to eat some vegetables, do your homework and please get some rest. You will thank me later. 

Anthony Bui is a 21-year-old English senior from Opelousas. 

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