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An @LSU Twitter post featured these students in the Quad on Wednesday, Jan. 15, with the caption "Welcome back, Tigers!"

I miss a lot of simple things: hugs, high fives, movie theaters and smiles unobstructed by masks. I miss all the cliché things that are supposed to come with your senior year of high school and freshman year of college. I miss the peace of not worrying whether my friends and family have contracted a dangerous virus since I last spoke to them. One silver lining to this pandemic, however, is that I will make sure I take more time to appreciate all the things I used to take for granted.

Claire Sullivan | @sulliclaire

The thing I miss most about pre-pandemic life is going to the movie theater. While it’s starting to get back to normal on that front  I’ve already seen "Tenet" and "New Mutants" since theaters have reopened , I still miss going to a packed theater with some friends and all laughing, crying or just being thrilled by the magic of the movies. The traditional movie theater experience is for sure the thing I miss most and I’m hoping it gets back to normal sometime in the near future. "Dune" is around the corner, and take it from me  that’s one we'll all want to see in theaters!


Domenic Purdy | @tigerdom16

It feels impossible to pick one thing I miss most from pre-quarantine. There are tons of obvious ones  going out in public without a face mask, going to restaurants and bars without a second thought, attending concerts, movies and plays  but for the most part those are all manageable. What hits hardest is the absence of all the little things: hugs from friends, sitting on the crowded parade ground when the weather is nice; the little moments that make your day without you even realizing it.  

Marie Plunkett | @MarieC_214

I miss a LOT about life pre-pandemic. Throughout the lockdown I have learned what actually matters in life and not to take the little things for granted. I miss walking to class and catching up with friends. Another thing I definitely miss is not having to do a double-take to make sure I have a mask every time I leave my house or car. I am grateful that we are slowly starting to open back up. Eating inside a restaurant for the first time in months is something I never thought I would be excited about, but here we are. Being able to attend church services is also a blessing because I know in some states that is still pretty restricted. I am hopeful the end of all of this is near, and I try to remind myself this too shall pass. Fingers crossed it's sooner rather than later.


Elizabeth Crochet | @elizabethcro_

Before lockdown, I regularly scouted out flyers for academic presentations across campus, marked down anything that seemed mildly interesting, then wandered through unfamiliar buildings until I found the right room. This nerdy pastime brought me to museum chats in Foster Hall, Spanish-language film nights in Prescott, documentary showings in Coates and guest speakers in the French House, all of which fed into a long-standing fascination with academia. I can still attend these events over Zoom, but it's not the same  I miss anonymously slipping into a seat right as a professor began talking to a room of 10-15 people as though they were all close friends, the excitement for their discipline palpable.


Cecile Girard | @_cegi_

I took live events and in-person entertainment for granted. I never noticed how much serotonin I'd get from concerts, karaoke and theatre. Nothing in quarantine really feels the same as mingling and dancing with sweaty strangers does.


Gabrielle Martinez | @martinez_g0

The thing I miss most about life before lockdown is going to the movies!


Olivia James | @afroliviaa

I'm simply nostalgic for a time when seemingly reasonable people didn't consider public health guidelines oppressive. While extremist reactions to public events are unavoidable, the pandemic has exposed a basic lack of compassion in America, and a sense of community won't return easily as COVID-19 cases subside.


Kevin Doucette | @kgdouce

The past few months have been filled with an almost inescapable neuroticism. For those of us with respect for health guidelines, it often feels as though every action we take must first be run through a series of mental checkpoints. I simply miss being in public without needing a constant awareness of social distance and protocol.  


Evan Leonhard | @evan_leonhard

I miss social gatherings the most. I miss freely going places with no mask. Honestly, I miss parties. I miss dancing to the music at social gatherings and meeting new people. I miss the interactive atmosphere. I miss interacting with others without worrying if they could possibly be infectious.


Tamia Southall | @tamiabrem_

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