Halloween Cookies

"I love how Halloween is a celebration of the dead and mortality. I think our over-confident culture could use a bit more this. Although much of what we do on Halloween nowadays has been largely stripped of its deeper significance, the holiday’s preoccupations with all things horrific, morbid and supernatural still shine some much needed light on less pleasant aspects of the human condition."

Evan Leonhard | @evan_leonhard

"My favorite part of Halloween is the costumes. I enjoy seeing the different aspects of creativity that people put into them. I also love watching horror movies, so naturally I'm in love with the spooky season!"

Tamia Southall | @tamiabrem_

"I love Halloween, but not for reasons you may think. I am not a fan of scary things. Whether it be scary movies or haunted houses, most of the time you can count me out. What I do love about Halloween are the costumes and candy. I enjoy seeing children dress up as their role models because it reminds them they can be whatever they want if they work hard. Another part of Halloween that I like is the fact that there is no age limit. It is a time for everyone to have fun, dress up and spend time with each other. The saying that 'age is just a number' rings true on Oct. 31."

Elizabeth Crochet | @elizabethcro_

"I love fall - I'm a huge fan of cool weather and rainy nights and hot chocolate - and Halloween is a great excuse to enjoy the changing weather, crunchy leaves and candy! Getting to be creative and come up with a costume is just a really great bonus."

Marie Plunkett | @MarieC_214

"Halloween gets more respect than it deserves. Spooky season is overplayed but I'm not a hater. I love skeletons and the monster mash."

Cory Koch | @KochCory

"Hands down, it's the costume parties. Themed parties are the ideal party format, and what better theme than "dress up as whatever you find scary/funny/spooky/cute/sexy/historically accurate?" On any given day I overanalyze people's outfits as clues to their personalities, so you can imagine that seeing everyone in full costume is an absolute FEAST of trying to unlock people's deepest innermost psyches."

Cecile Girard | @_cegi_

"Halloween movies are my favorite part of Halloween. I watch horror movies year-round, but Halloween is a good excuse to binge! Even though it’s not scary, 'Halloweentown' is my favorite!" 

Olivia James | @afroliviaa

"Halloween is the birthday of one of my best friends, so my favorite thing is celebrating with her. In general, though, I just love the season of Halloween: spooky decorations, haunted hayrides, cheesy movies, good weather and fall festivities."

Claire Sullivan | @sulliclaire

"My favorite thing about Halloween in recent years is taking my niece and nephew trick-or-treating. They’re both under 5, so they still look at everything in amazement. Stealing some of their candy is fun too!"

Gabrielle Martinez | @martinez_g0

"The absolute best thing about Halloween time is the movies. Between 'Scream,' 'The Thing' and the aptly named 'Halloween,' horror movies just make me feel alive, especially around All Hallows’ Eve. The rush of watching a scary horror movie with a big bag of candy can’t be beat, but there’s also something to be said for horror-adjacent movies like 'Ghostbusters,' 'Little Shop of Horrors,' 'Beetlejuice' and 'Nightmare Before Christmas.' The ominous aesthetic of Halloween movies, regardless of their scare factor, just adds to the ambiance of one of the best holidays to celebrate with a group of masquerading friends."

Domenic Purdy | @tigerdom16

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