Subaru: It's a Lifestyle

Subaru Giving Back at Caaws Event

You never forget your first car. It’s the cornerstone of the American Dream – and a close second to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Whether your first car was a drain on your savings account, a gift of love from your parents or a lovely hand-me-down from a distant relative, cars are like family.

After all, they meet all the requirements. From constantly asking for expensive needs such as oil changes and gas to having their own room like a garage or shed, our vehicles make more of an impact on our daily routine than we realize. 

But I have a confession that I think most of you can relate to: I know almost nothing about my car. Sure, the basic components are easily understood, but the names Nissan or Mazda or any other car brand can only be readily defined by their style or price tag.

And if you’re not a diehard car fanatic (we all have our hobbies), then buying a new car depends on appearance and gas mileage.

A car is always an investment into your life, but what if it could be an investment back into the world we live in?

That is what Subaru is hoping to accomplish with its vision of the Love Promise.

What is the Love Promise? 

According to Subaru, the Love Promise is “a pledge to do right by the communities in which we all live and work.” Subaru is dedicated to improving the world through its five pillars.

“We’re an automotive company, but there’s so much more to it,” said Ben Ledet, manager of Subaru of Baton Rouge on Airline Highway. 

What are the Five Pillars of the Love Promise?

Subaru Loves to Care (giving others the opportunity to lead a healthy life), Loves the Earth (working to preserve the world), Loves to Help (achieving a better world), Loves Learning (making the pursuit of knowledge as accessible as possible) and Loves Pets (keeping all pets safe and healthy). 

What does Subaru do around the Baton Rouge community?

Subaru of Baton Rouge stays #BRproud. It won the Gold award last year for customer, community and commitment. Whether it's recycling unusual items like k-cups or pet food packaging, or donating books to schools, Subaru is always itching to give more back more to the community.

Its next event lasts from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Anyone who purchases a car during that time may choose an organization for Subaru to donate to.

So, wait...doggos?

All the pillars of the Love Promise are important, but Subaru Loves Pets is a favorite of Subaru of Baton Rouge. It frequently hosts or helps events for dogs to be adopted and for supplies such as toys and bowls to be distributed to shelters, or for startups like Louisiana Warriors Unleashed that plans to create a new Pet Hospice Center at LSU.

It also partners with BREC, the parks and recreation agency, for various events. The cutest of all is Pets-n-Paddling. It’s puppies. On a paddleboard. Need we say more?

Do I have to buy a car to help The Love Promise?

No! There are numerous ways to give back and support Love Promise without purchasing a vehicle. Recycling, spreading awareness and attending events all help the cause. On Facebook, follow @subaruBatonRouge.

How does The Love Promise thrive?

The Love Promise thrives through people wanting to do more. Ledet said the promise “has to be rooted within the employees, the owners and all the individuals involved to just want to be better people”

For the team members at Subaru, it’s not a job. It’s a lifestyle.

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