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LSU wide receiver Koy Moore (5) catches a pass during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Auburn on Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020, in Auburn, Ala. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

LSU freshman wide receiver Koy Moore alleged in a social media post that he was "violated" by Baton Rouge Police officers on Saturday night, leading the department to launch an investigation and place three officers on administrative leave, police told The Advocate.

The incident happened in the parking garage of the Ion Baton Rouge apartment complex, according to an email sent to residents. Officers were said to be responding to a noise complaint there.

Moore posted a statement on his Twitter account detailing the incident: “Last night I was approached by [police]. They pulled guns on me assuming I had a gun and drugs (screaming where’s your gun?). I was violated numerous times even going as far as trying to unzip my pants in search of a weapon that I repeatedly told them I did not have.

"As I tried to go live for video documentation of the harassment they snatched my phone. I could’ve lost my life and I know for a fact nothing would’ve happened to the guys who did it. As some celebrate the election of a new president, understand the real problem has not changed.

"If I didn’t tell those incompetent officers that I was an LSU football player there is no telling if I would’ve been here to tell the story! Yesterday wasn’t a victory for America. It was only a distraction.”

A BRPD legal team declined to release body cam footage of the incident to a WBRZ public records request, citing the status of the internal investigation. 

Hours after Moore's post, LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron posted a statement on his Twitter account. 

"I am aware of the serious statements Koy Moore made on social media about being violated by police officers Saturday evening," he said. "LSU and the Baton Rouge Police Department are investigating the incident. While I cannot comment on the investigation, what I can say is that we must work collectively to embrace our difference. We have to listen, learn and come together to combat social injustice and racism if we are to create a safer and more equitable society for all people." 

LSU said it has been made aware of the incident and both the University and the BRPD are investigating. The University also said it echoed the sentiment shared by Orgeron.  

Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome released a statement about the incident as well. 

"My office has been made aware of a situation concerning BRPD and an LSU student," Broome said. "Upon notification, I have been in contact with Chief Paul, who has assured me his department is thoroughly investigating this matter and he has been in touch with the student. We take these allegations seriously and will await the findings of the investigation. We will get to the bottom of this situation and keep the lines of communication open with the community."

Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul issued a statement promising a thorough investigation into the incident.

"We appreciate Mr. Moore bringing this incident to our attention," Paul said. "As in every case, we will be collecting available evidence and conducting interviews. Accountability and transparency are critical in building trust with the community. I pledge a thorough investigation into this complaint." 

BlackOut LSU, a student-led advocacy group, also released a statement to show support for Moore. The organization plans to connect with the LSU Black Student-Athlete Association to "ensure support."

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