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New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown pauses while working out during NFL football practice, Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019, in Foxborough, Mass. Brown practiced with the team for the first time on Wednesday afternoon, a day after his former trainer filed a civil lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida accusing him of sexually assaulting her on three occasions. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

If your Monday is anything like mine, it starts with a couple of presses of the snooze button, a cup of lukewarm Folgers, a cold shower and a run to my job before I get called late; not in any particular order.

Mondays just never inspire anyone to get up and to pursue the day, but people still do it to provide for their needs and because they are professionals with certain standards to be met.

The National Football League is the same way as most careers: you sign a contract, you get paid for performing certain tasks and then rewarded for performing them well.

There is obviously some leeway in either direction for performing the small tasks poorly, but those mistakes can be made up for if one completes the ultimate goal.

Professionals are expected to do all these things, even if they are the most talented in the office.

Antonio Brown is no different.

When AB is healthy and participating, he is, without a doubt, the best wide receiver in the NFL. Unfortunately, this has barely happened in the past year due to his lack of professionalism.

In a week-17 matchup that determined their playoff fate a year ago, the Pittsburg Steelers had to play without their star receiver due to his inability to see the team as a whole as he simply focused on himself and sat out the game by personal choice.

Throughout his career, his words have always overshadowed his out-of-the-world talent, but, even with all his talent, his finger still remains ring-less.

Maybe he would have one if he decided to talk with his players instead of throwing them under the bus, or does he even care?

Even if he doesn’t care about team accolades, staying professional in any career is of the upmost importance, and he simply lacks it because he’s special.

On one hand, he is correct. When he steps into the workplace when it really counts, he delivers.

On the other hand, you have to show up to work to make a difference, and people around the office expect the star employees to make a difference.

If the special employee fails to show up, and a certain expectation is not met, there is only so much that a company can take.

The Oakland Raiders had enough with the diva that is AB. His reputation preceded him, but he failed to show any promise in the black and silver.

He was a cancer as soon as he showed up by bashing old teammates, releasing videos of private conversations and even releasing a video of him being excited about his release from Oakland.

He even consulted someone about how to speed the process of his release. Very professional move, AB.

There is no doubt that Antonio Brown works hard and loves to practice, but he likes to make noise off the field more than playing.

He has even said that he does not need football. Great, then leave, and never come back.

For as great as he is, his reputation will be known as a great player who wasted it all on himself.

Look at the greatest wide receiver of all time, Jerry Rice. He prided himself on his work ethic and coolness to prevail through any situation. Maybe that’s why he has three Super Bowl titles and a Super Bowl MVP.

Antonio Brown will never be associated with any of those things.

If the goal of his legacy is to leave a memory of great potential, good results, negative attitude, poor sportsmanship and failure to win the big game, he is well on his way to a tremendous legacy by his standards.

But, at the end of the day, AB might be the luckiest human being in the NFL, as he found a way out of a shady situation in Oakland and is now making his way to the dynasty of the NFL: The New England Patriots.

If anyone can fix the cancer that is Brown, unfortunately, it is Bill Belichick.

If AB never plays another snap in the NFL, the league would be better for it, as die-hard fans would love to see players actually respect everyone on their team and try to chase the ultimate goal of a championship, not personal glory or money.

Any person, no matter how special, would be fired from any company if they acted the way Brown has toward the NFL.

Now the NFL teams need to end this cancerous man’s career and show him that professionalism is of the highest priority of the league to foster competition and bring out the best of the sport that everyone knows and loves.

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