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LSU running back Tyrion Davis-Price (3) celebrates with teammates after scoring a touchdown against Arkansas during the first half of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Nov. 21, 2020, in Fayetteville, Ark. (AP Photo/Michael Woods)

The LSU Fighting Tigers return to the field on the road again, this week's opponent No. 5 Texas A&M, scheduled to kickoff at 6 p.m. CT.

The Tigers improved their record to 3-3 after a tight win against Arkansas, 3-5, last week. The LSU offense, with TJ Finley leading the charge, improved greatly from their last loss against Auburn nearly a month ago.

This week they face a top-5 ranked team in the Texas A&M Aggies, who are coming off of a two-week long hiatus after two matchups were postponed. Their last victory was a dominant one against South Carolina on the road, making their record 5-1 going into their showdown with the Tigers.

LSU will need to be able to contain Kellen Mond, the elusive quarterback, and Isaiah Spiller, the sole carrier of the run game, to stay in the game defensively. Finley will also need to step up his game against another formidable SEC defense, this one harsher than the last.

How to watch, listen and stream:

Kick-off: 6 p.m. on Sat., Nov. 28


Radio: WDGL-FM (98.1)

Streaming: ESPN

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Quarter One: 

Texas A&M begins the game with a quick punt, giving the LSU offense an opportunity to put the first numbers on the board. However, the Tigers would go for it on fourth down and not be able to convert, giving the ball back to the Aggies to drive down field and kick a field goal for the first points of the night. Afterward, each team cannot seem to get any offensive consistency, boding well for LSU’s defense but a downer for the offense. Max Johnson would make his debut before the close of the quarter, however he would prove to be as ineffective as Finley. Texas A&M would get a score at the end of the quarter after a 52-yard touchdown run.

LSU: 0 | Texas A&M: 10


Max Johnson continued to stay in the starting role, however, is shutdown like his counterpart by the belligerent Texas A&M defense. The Aggies would march down the field and get within the 10-yard line, but the Tigers would prevent any score from happening after a forced fumble. Finley would take over at quarterback again, this time bringing his arm to the offense as previously seen in prior games. However, after an overturned touchdown catch and a tipped pass, the Aggies get an interception and return on offense. Texas A&M is shut down by the LSU defense, slowly showing sparks of life, and the ball returns to Finley and the offense. LSU marched down field but cannot gain much of any ground or any points on the board after a missed field goal by Cade York. The Tigers' defense continues to improve as the game progresses, stopping Texas A&M’s drives consistently. LSU’s offense is not as high-strung, not being able to do anything with Finley or Johnson tonight. The Aggies would kick a field goal to end the half.

LSU: 0 | Texas A&M: 13

Quarter Three: 

LSU begins the half with possession of the ball, but the nightmares of the first half still look evident at the start of the second. Luckily, the LSU defense, or lack of Texas A&M’s offense, picks up where it left off and cannot generate yardage either. A botched punt return gives the ball to the Aggies in good field position to get points on the board later in the quarter, but the relentless LSU defense keeps them at bay for another punt. Finley returned with the ball after but throws a second interception resulting in a pick six by Texas A&M and continuing the blow out. Johnson returned to the quarterback position at the end of the quarter and has the same issues on offense: no moving and no blocking. The Aggies return with the ball going into the fourth quarter.

LSU: 0 | Texas A&M: 20


LSU falls to 3-4 on the season after a shutout by the Texas A&M Aggies. The quarterback position and the run game remain question marks for the Tigers as the offense could not provide any help for the defense’s prosperities. The Tigers scored at the end of the game through the air with a pass from Johnson to Terrace Marshall Jr. The Aggies did not have much of an offensive game either, despite the dominance of running back Spiller, 141 rushing yards. Statistically, neither Finley nor Johnson proved their readiness to take LSU’s offense to where Brennan sustained it early in the season. The Bayou Bengals will look to regroup and attempt to secure a hopeful win against the most formidable of opponents in the SEC: No. 1 Alabama. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. CT, Dec. 5 in Tiger Stadium.

LSU: 7 | Texas A&M: 20

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