LSU Beach Volleyball Scrimmage

LSU beach volleyball freshman Sydney Moore (44) throws the ball during the Purple vs. Gold scrimmage on Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020 at the Beach Volleyball Complex.

Watch out: this upcoming 2021 beach volleyball season is sure to be an exciting one and is long overdue for both Head Coach Russell Brock and the team. 

Brock brought in six incredible freshmen last season and believes each and every one of them will hold a special place on the team. 

In 2018, Sydney Moore caught Brock’s eye for her quickness and defensive skills. She brought home many titles during her high school years, but she has really grown as a player over the past year. 

Moore is now a sophomore; this will be her second season on the beach volleyball team at LSU. She played volleyball all throughout high school, earning two varsity letters, placing top-five in 10 beach volleyball tournaments and earning the Distinguished Honor Roll. 

Moore explained that she chose to come to LSU because it had been her dream school since she was a child. When she, an Ohio native, came to visit the school, she found the coaching staff to be welcoming and the facility to be gorgeous.

Moore had an incredible season last year and played a vital role in bringing the LSU team into its No. 1 ranking. Moore came to the team as a skilled player already, but she became more impressive when the team started playing against other teams. 

Brock said Moore never disappoints in competition. 

“She showed, she proved, that she could train and learn and become even better,” Brock said. “When we put her in competition, she didn’t back down from anybody.” 

During last year’s season, the LSU beach volleyball team played the top teams in the country; Moore did not let this burn her out but instead improved in every match. Brock began to notice that the other team would start to avoid giving her the ball because they knew they could not stop her power. 

Moore has always had an amazing attitude and is fearless on the courts, using her explosiveness to her advantage. Brock said the team will be able to rely on her this year leading into the upcoming season and no doubt other teams will know as well. 

Brock went in depth as to how Moore held a strong spot into helping the team get that No. 1 title last season.

“She played in the deciding match of the dual,” Brock said. “The pivotal match they were able to win and get us that victory.” 

Moore and Jess Schaben played this match in front of the largest crowds ever seen at a beach volleyball competition. It was an experience of a lifetime and didn’t come easy when they played against the No. 1 team in the country. 

Moore does not shy away from a challenge. She has been putting in a lot of work for this upcoming season and is very excited to be able to play again and bring her skills to the court. 

She said she is always willing to step up to the plate for her team. 

The LSU beach volleyball team is playing with the hopes of earning the national title this year. Moore said she thinks the team will play even better than they did last season. The rankings, which were released Wednesday, placed the team at the No. 1 spot in the American Volleyball Coaches Association.

This is the first time in program history that the team will start the season ranked first. Moore is up for a challenge.

“I will put in my best effort,” Moore said. “I will do everything I can and leave everything on the court that I have.”

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