3.31.2019 LSU women's tennis vs south carolina

LSU falls to No. 4 South Carolina by a score of 4-0 on Sunday.Mar.31.2019.

LSU (10-3) suffered their first SEC loss and first loss since January versus No. 19 South Carolina (8-4). But with a strong victory over No. 46 Florida (5-4), they moved up to No. 21.  

LSU has played five of their last six matches on the road but they now hold home-field advantage for the next two weeks

Coach Julia Sell and freshman Maggie Cubitt are both excited to be back home after the road stint.  

“We were on the road for three weeks straight and we felt like we were really flat on Sunday... [due] to fatigue from travel,” said Coach Sell. “We’re happy to be home for the next few weeks, that is going to be huge for us.” 

Cubbitt shared similar feelings, stating that she was excited to be back with the home crowd. On the road, she had an excellent performance versus South Carolina, dropping a total of two games and winning her match 6-0 and 6-2. 

“I thought I played well,” said Cubit. There was a lot of good energy throughout the courts and I knew we had to come out and play good tennis if we wanted to have a chance to beat South Carolina.” 

She is now 6-0 on the year in singles. 

Sell is proud of the way the team is performing overall, as the doubles duos have gotten it going over the past few weeks, and Cubitt and Eden Richardson combine for a 16-1 record in singles this spring.  

“We’ve figured out our pairings and plays, and that’s been exciting to watch,” said Sell. “Every match we’ve won in different places, and that’s a testament to how strong this group is.” 

The entire group has picked up big wins for the teams, and none of those wins are more challenging than at Court one, where the strongest singles players face off. Taylor Bridges reps that court for the Tigers. 

“I just think about the things I can control like my attitude and effort, and then the rest just plays out,” said Bridges when talking about how she remains consistent against tough competition. 

Bridges picked up her third ranked win for the Tigers on Friday, with a 6-4 and 6-2 victory over No. 54 McCartney Kessler out of Florida.  

 “I wanted to go out there and just do everything we’ve worked on in practice and apply it in the match, and it went my way,” said Bridges.  

She will face another ranked opponent this Friday in No. 50 Sabina Machalova when the Tigers square off against No. 15 Ole Miss at home.  





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