LSU on Ice

Ice-covered trees sit Monday, Feb. 15, 2021 during the winter weather mix outside of the LSU track and field stadium on Nicholson Drive in Baton Rouge, La.

Elijah Odinet, a freshman jumper on LSU’s Track and Field team, has been cut from the roster after a video recording of family members using racial slurs was leaked to the public.

The video shows the security footage of the Odinet home during a vehicular burglary attempt. In the video, Odinet’s mother, Judge Michelle Odinet of the City Court of Lafayette Louisiana, can be heard repeatedly saying racial slurs. Odinet calls her son by name in the recording, to which a male voice replies. Racial slurs are then heard from the male voice as well. 

While LSU has not confirmed that the dismissal of Odinet from the roster was in relation to the video, the LSU Track and Field Facebook page released a statement that discussed the intolerance of racial discrimination within the program. 

“LSU Track and Field is a diverse group of student-athletes, coaches, and support staff, and we respect these differences, because they make us stronger,” it read. “We will never tolerate racism, and we will continue to do our part in the ongoing work toward its eradication-through educating ourselves, engaging with our community, and honoring the distinctions that empower us.” 

Ashton Hicks, a senior sprinter on the roster, discussed how disappointed the team was to hear about this sort of behavior, specifically from a fellow teammate. The team came together to discuss the ramifications of Odinet’s behavior, and talked about what they felt would be best for the program moving forward. 

“It was just upsetting,” Hicks said. “I think we were just trying to figure out what was really going on, after a lot of emotions were there. We just tried to be mature about the situation and get things done in the most mature way.” 

Two other Odinet siblings, Kenny Odinet II and Caroline Odinet, remain on the Tiger’s roster. As of now, there is no word of a possible dismissal in either of their futures. Their presences on the team was also discussed. 

“We’re just trying to get all factual evidence and proof of everything that is going on in that video,” said Hicks. “We really just want statements from them, and for them to communicate with us how they feel about the situation. We want to have a mature conversation, and sit down and talk about the situation as a whole so that we can see what needs to be done moving forward.” 

Until more factual evidence from that night arises and can be discussed, it is likely that a place on the team for the remaining Odinet siblings remains in question.

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