First Take

ESPN's First Take host Stephen A. Smith said that LSU got "lucky" in their victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide on the show Monday morning

"Y'all some lucky dudes, man," Smith said at the beginning of the segment. "Tua, [he] opens the drive. No one touches you; you just lose the ball."

Smith continued to list Alabama mistakes: a muffed punt, fumbles, dropped touchdowns, and poor coaching. 

Smith's exasperation at Alabama's loss may stem from picking the Tide to defeat the Tigers last week in spite of groans from former LSU players and current ESPN personalities, Ryan Clark and Marcus Spears.

However, he seemed to acknowledge that LSU played a better game. "I want to give LSU props," Smith said. "Alabama's defense couldn't stop them." 

"Sounds like excuses to me, Steven A.!" Clark, former LSU safety, said. "It's about Burrow and the Boot Boys."

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