9/12/16 Lunch with Les

LSU Head coach Les Miles addresses the media at his weekly Lunch with Les on Monday, Sept. 12, 2016.

After Kansas University football player Caperton Humphrey was repeatedly threatened by a group of players under Les Miles' leadership, the university paid his family over $50,000 in benefits to leave the state, according to a Kansas City Star report.

Humphrey said he experienced severe bullying tactics from at least four players, including finding the lug nuts on one of his tires loosened. The events culminated with a group of his teammates breaking into his house one night where his parents and younger brother lived. Humphrey reported to the police that he believed one had a pistol. He said he and his family feared for their lives.

After the situation was brought to Miles' attention, he attempted to reconcile the parties by having both sides apologize. Neither agreed to. He then tried to settle the issue by pitting the players against each other on the field in full-contact drills. 

A few weeks later, Humphrey's family received an offer from the university. They would reimburse Humphrey's full tuition, stipends, travel expenses, meals, lodging, and storage transportation -- if the family agreed to never disclose what happened. 

The document stated that player's family would "understand and agree they will not make or publish, directly or indirectly, any materially negative comments verbally or in writing, on social media or in any other form," about the university or athletics, "that might cause an individual to reasonably question the integrity, quality, character, competence or diligence of the University of Kansas, its Athletic Department, or its administrators, coaches, faculty and/or staff."

The document was signed by both parties in April 2019.

Since then, Humphrey has battled anger issues and depression and is now seeing a psychiatrist to cope with the events at Kansas. His family is pursuing legal action against Miles, another administrator in athletics, and Kansas athletics.

"It cost me everything," Humphrey said. "They literally just forced me out."

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