For those young men and women who were raised on college football the way so many of us were, there remains but one fantasy that allows us to continue living our childhood: NCAA Football ‘14. 

Arguably the greatest sports video game of all time (NFL 2k5 is wildly overrated), the last installation into the legendary series left us six years ago when our interest and love of the sport was peaking.

Perhaps tainted only by Denard Robinson’s legacy smack on the front cover, the game did not miss on much. Great gameplay combined with a nearly overwhelming amount of game modes create the most immersive college football experience ever. 

Sure, the politics underneath the end of “NCAA Football” might make our memories of the game particularly rosey, due in no small part to the general ineptitude of the namesake organization; but the game gave us an opportunity to see how our favorite players, like QB#2 for Texas A&M or RE#7 for South Carolina, would stack up against the rest of the nation. 

This begs the question, what would LSU’s current best players’ rating be if there were an NCAA Football 20?

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