3.31.2019 LSU women's tennis vs south carolina

Taylor Bridges eyes a forehand shot during the Tigers loss to South Carolina on Sunday, Mar. 31, 2019.

LSU was amidst an impressive run when the college sports world suddenly halted on March 12th. Despite the pandemic spoiling the team’s promising season, it hasn’t spoiled their drive in any way, as the team is motivated to continue improving as they prepare for next season. 

LSU concluded the 2019-2020 season 10-3 (3-1 in SEC) and ranked No. 21 in the nation, finishing 7-1 in their last eight matches after starting 3-2. They defeated No. 15 Vanderbilt, No. 46 Florida, and No. 48 Texas Tech this season, and all three of their losses came against Top-25 competition.  

LSU showed a tremendous amount of potential and improved with every match. Co-head coach Michael Sell is excited about their showings, stating that the team has never had this much depth and comradery. 

“The fact that we ended on such a great note in the SEC season only [provides more] energy and positivity for these girls during this extended offseason,” said Sell. “They’re fired up to do this again next season. 

The depth of the team included two freshmen, Safiya Carrington and Maggie Cubitt, who exceeded expectations throughout the season. Sell acknowledged their production, stating that they added great depth and firepower 

Along with the two freshmen, every member of the roster will be returning, including senior leader, Paris CorleySell was ecstatic about having Corley back next year and had high praise for her, stating that she was a “phenomenal student” and a “tremendous leader for the girls” on and off the court 

To have that healthy leadership back for one more year will certainly benefit not only the girls, but also provide massive depth for our team,” said Sell.  

With everything going on, it’s difficult to remain optimistic. To go from being with the team every day, training and competing in matches, to having the season abruptly ended and being isolated is distressing and unimaginable, but the team has remained optimistic and dedicated to their teammates and hard work.  

“It was tough to take bad news, after bad news, after bad news,” said Sell regarding the cancellations. “Thankfully we have a very motivated group.”  

The team is doing whatever they can to improve, including watching film and going over what they’ve done well and what needs improvement for next season. They’re also improvising their workouts, an example of that being Nina Geissler, who has had to play against a wall due to court closures in Europe.  

The team is excited and motivated for next season. They have done a great job of staying active, and, more importantly, staying safe and healthy during this time.  

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