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UnderCover will showcase the coolest covers around played by local bands and undiscovered bands alike as well any cover gold your host, Tenacious C, mines up. The concept is to play some tunes you, the audience, are familiar with as well as showcasing some new artists that you might like and haven’t heard of. The goal is to help expose those striving local and upcoming artists as well as provide an alternative vibe to all our favorite songs. So, your mission for UnderCover is as follows:

1. Tune in every Monday 11pm-1am for an ALL COVERS extravaganza.

2. If you or anyone you know are in a local band and would like to be heard on the show, contact undercoverklsu@gmail.com for more details. This concept won’t reach its max potential unless I can get some great local content. No prior recordings are necessary.

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